The My School Connect POS Helps Schools Nationally

The first Point of Sale (POS) system was introduced to the market in 1879. Back then, it was known as the ‘Cash Register’. Over the last 140 odd years, it has gone through countless technological changes and enhancements to become the innovative, time-saving and robust system that is helping so many businesses today, all over the world. 

What is the POS?

The POS system makes it possible for stores to process and track transactions. Today, POS systems integrate new technologies and features, making businesses more viable and operators more efficient.

User interface and POS design

Our primary goal when developing the POS was to ensure our users have a seamless experience when operating the system. To achieve this, we focused on utilising User Centered Design (UCD) principles to build a smooth and clean User Interface (UI) for digital and mobile environments. We developed a robust and customisable system that is simple, adjustable and intuitive. 

How is MSC leveraging POS technology?

My School Connect is one of the only players in the market to have developed and implemented a POS system, without leveraging or integrating with any third party provider. Whilst there may be effective off-the-shelf systems available, we wanted to build a system based on our customers requirements. We wanted it specifically designed for school use, to help tuckshop or uniform stores operate more effectively and efficiently. Likewise, we wanted first hand access so that we can continue to evolve our system to better meet our customers ever changing and evolving needs.

Benefits to schools using a POS

There are endless benefits to schools that opt to integrate a POS system into their business operation. For one, it attributes to tremendous improvements in efficiency. In addition, it places less pressure and reliance on human resources, reduces mistakes and human error, saves time, improves inventory management and provides better reporting and data options to name a few. 

If your school has a tuckshop or uniform store and improving your business operation is top priority, POS integration is really a no brainer! If you’re interested in hearing how our POS can revolutionise your school logistics, contact us today!