‘Chip-in’ to your School and Help Make a Difference!

At My School Connect, we understand that not all schools have the budget to fund new technologies and systems. Running a school can be costly, but adopting new technologies can push annual plans completely out of budget!

There is increasing pressure for schools to continue innovating and enhancing their business. Technology and system integration is becoming the standard, so it was important for us to develop ways to help schools fund these new standards.

With the My School Connect ‘Chip-in’ feature, parents can elect to round up or chip-in any donation amount to their order. Whether it be rounding up 20 cents to the nearest dollar, or donating a larger sum, any contribution counts and can make all the difference. 

Don’t forget, the My School Connect app has push notification functionality that is customisable. Let your parents know of operation ‘Chin-up’, ensure that they’re aware of this great system feature and let them contribute in their own way.

Should the school wish to raise additional funds, a fundraiser campaigns can also be set up. In this case, schools need to decide on a cause, set up the campaign, and promote it to their school community. It’s really that simple! The greater the visibility of the campaign, the greater the success.

Here are a two key ways to increase the success of your next Fundraiser campaign:

1.     School Newsletter – School newsletters usually obtain a high readership and are of interest to the parent and staff community. This is a key way to direct traffic to your Fundraiser campaign and educate them on how they too can make a difference.

2.     Social Media – Due to the virility of Social Media, it’s a simple and cost effective way to get a message out to the masses. Whether it’s on your school’s Facebook page, a Facebook group for parents, or being promoted by a key influencer on Instagram, Social Media can be a great way to get word out of your latest fundraising campaign.

Integrating new systems and technologies will always be costly, but it doesn’t have to be unattainable. Getting your school community involved is one key way to make a difference, and help to cover the associated costs. We cannot change the speed in which the world is moving forward, but we can help alleviate some of the financial burden that comes with it!