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Keeping volunteering simple for everyone

No more last minute vacant spots, or endless email threads for rosters you're not part of. Whether you're a school arranging an event or a parent looking to volunteer, My School Fundraiser's free tools keep things simple. That way you can spend more time enjoying the activities, and less time scheduling them.

Setting up a roster? We know how it is, you need support to get things done but organising an army of volunteers is a job in itself! That's why our free tools take all the hassle out of organising activities, and give you the reassurance that you've got every post covered.
Want to volunteer? Being a school volunteer gives you the chance to see a part of their child's life they would otherwise miss. It shouldn't feel like extra work or a huge commitment, our free tools make it easy to help out, no matter how busy your schedule is.
1. Get registered Sign your school using our simple signup form.
2. Create your rosters One time event, or a running programme? Follow our easy form and you'll have them up online in no time.
CREATE A ROSTER Like all the tools on My School Connect, we're here to make your life easier. With the tools on My School Volunteer you can easily keep in touch with willing volunteers, so you've always got people in place when you need them.
3. Invite volunteers Once volunteers have registered, just invite them to sign up and wait for the places to fill up.
4. Get ready to go Roster and volunteer contact details are all in one place. We'll take care of reminders.
Volunteer around your schedule
Ready to teach an instrument after school, give assistance at a sports event, or help out in the daily canteen duties? My School Volunteer makes it simple to play an added role in your child's school life. In just a few clicks, you can choose rosters that work for you and your schedule.

1. Get registered

Click to sign up to your school's page using our simple signup form.

2. Choose your rosters

Select the rosters you'd most like to help out with.

3. Pick your time-slots

Sign up to tasks that best suit your availability.

4. Get stuck in

Login anytime to see your schedule, you'll also get reminders and instructions telling you when and where you're needed. Then just show up, and enjoy the experience!
Keeping volunteering simple, and free
Reach the right people
Our tools ensure you'll only talk about (and hear about) relevant rosters.
Never miss a trick
Our handy reminders and notifications keep everyone up to date and in the right place.
(Cyber) safety-first
We use world-class technology to keep all of your details 100% safe.
Simple setup
Signing up and organising rosters couldn't be easier.
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