As a TASS certified partner, My School Connect uses TASS’ secure API to directly import and update parent and student data, enabling a seamless flow of information and eliminating redundant data entry, thus saving time! Critical data such as student records, enrolment status, classes and contact details are accurately and securely managed.
A seamless integration combining My School Connect’s easy to use cashless payments interface with PaperCut’s fully featured print management solution. Eliminate the need to collect cash over the counter! Funds are pre-loaded and My School Connect credits are used to top up a student’s Papercut account.
MX51 offers a Payment as a Service (PaaS) cloud platform that holds PII data for acquirers and payment providers. The MX51 platforms are bank-grade, scalable and PCI DSS compliant. The PaaS platform for transaction processing enables faster delivery of compelling merchant propositions that solve for multi-channel payment needs. Directly link our Point Of Sale unit to the physical EFTPOS unit and eliminate the need to manually enter the sales amount. Speed up the service line during your busy lunch periods!
K-12 Solutions is an IT company serving independent schools. Their flagship product, Parent ID Passport (PIPs), simplifies parent access to online resources by eliminating the need for multiple usernames and passwords. With PIPs, parents can use a single login, reducing the hassle of managing multiple credentials. It also offers enhanced security and privacy while allowing parents to connect via various personal social accounts like Google, Apple, and Microsoft. By integrating with My School Connect, PIPs can offer more options and convenience for parents who want to access various online services related to their child’s education.
Audiri unites your community with an all-in-one communication tool. It's the school app, cashless payments, messaging system and parent information solution designed to engage your school community.

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