Fundraising Made Easy

The days of leaving notes in kids’ bags at school in the hope they miraculously find their way into a parent’s hands are long over. The digital age has brought plenty of change for the better and the way we now fundraise is no different. Say goodbye to lost paper trails, goodbye to cash collections, and goodbye to expensive posters that get lost in the hustle and bustle of school life. Instead, say hello to streamlined success. My School Connect’s FundMe App is combining both simplicity and cost-effectiveness, so schools can easily connect with their community and raise those vital funds. The results speak for themselves! Read on to discover how you can quickly and effectively start raising funds today and how to get started.

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Growing Strains On Schools

Australian schools are facing additional financial strains as a growing number of parents opt not to pay non-compulsory school fees. These fees, which often help cover the cost of extracurricular activities, special resources and enhanced opportunities, play an important role in the overall quality of education that schools can provide. The decline in these contributions can significantly impact the schools’ ability to offer diverse programs and maintain high standards.

This makes effective fundraising strategies more essential than ever. My School Connect’s FundMe App offers schools a streamlined way to engage the community and secure necessary funds in a cost-effective and inclusive manner, ensuring that educational quality does not suffer due to financial constraints.

Key Features of the My School FundMe App

Learning new technology can often be a challenge with plenty of hiccups along the way as you get used to new ways of doing things. My School FundMe has been designed with the user in mind to make this setting up process easier than ever, so you can move on to more important things – like raising money. It’s so quick and easy to set up that next campaign. With just the click of a few buttons, schools can customise a page to suit their specific needs and voila – it’s time to share! Thanks to the intuitive design, it’s just as easy for parents and caregivers to navigate and make those much-needed donations.

Here are some of the other perks you can enjoy:

  • Cashless: Instead of relying on kids to come to school with their gold coins to contribute to bake sales, raffles and more, you can simply set up payment on the app and streamline the process for parents.
  • Reach: No more posters plastered over the school hoping to get noticed. You can send notifications directly to parents and friends on their phones that they can action on the spot, making them much more likely to contribute to the fundraiser, instead of simply popping it on another ‘to-do’ list.
  • Real-time tracking: Schools can monitor the progress of their campaigns in real-time, providing immediate updates to donors and stakeholders about how close they are to reaching their goals. This feature not only enhances transparency but also helps maintain donor engagement and motivation.

Success Stories: Real Impact in Schools

There are plenty of fun and fresh fundraising ideas for schools to try out, beyond the usual bake sales and raffles. How about organising a fun run where everyone dresses up in funky costumes? It’s a great way to get people moving and laughing.

Or maybe set up a virtual talent show where students and teachers alike can showcase their hidden talents. Schools could even start a garden, letting kids get their hands dirty growing veggies and flowers to sell at a school market.

These kinds of activities not only help raise money but also bring everyone together in a laid-back, enjoyable way.

Case Study 1: William Dean Public School, Sydney

  • Duration of the fundraiser: 4 Weeks
  • Total raised: $18,917.56 from 511 orders

William Dean Public School showed one of the highest participation rates, showcasing the My School  FundMe app’s ability to handle large-scale school fundraising efforts for their Colour Fun Run. The funds raised were pivotal in establishing new extracurricular activities and enhancing existing programs.

Case Study 2: A Catholic Primary School in NSW

  • Duration of the fundraiser: 4 weeks
  • Total raised: $16,005.54 from 543 orders

This Catholic primary school, embarked on a month-long colour run fundraising campaign that far exceeded their expectations. The school community came together to contribute to a cause, fully utilising the My School FundMe platform’s capabilities to track and motivate ongoing donations, which culminated in a substantial sum that supported school projects and enhancements.

Case Study 3: Primary School near Geelong, VIC

  • Duration of the fundraiser: 4 weeks
  • Total raised: $10,584.94 from 490 orders

This public primary school near Geelong used the My School FundMe App for a nearly month-long campaign. The intuitive use of the platform allowed for widespread participation, demonstrating the app’s capacity to engage a large community base effectively.

Case Study 4: Primary School, Sydney

  • Duration of the fundraiser: 5 Weeks
  • Total raised: $6,359.63 from 259 orders

Even with a smaller participant pool, this school organised a Colour Run and managed to gather significant funds, proving that the My School FundMe app can be effectively tailored to suit different school sizes and needs.

Why Choose My School FundMe for Your School?

Selecting the right fundraising platform can dramatically influence the success of your school’s fundraising efforts. Whether your goal is to enhance school facilities, support extracurricular programs, or fund special projects, My School FundMe is equipped to help you achieve these objectives efficiently and effectively.

To learn more about how the My School FundMe module can transform your school’s fundraising efforts, or to start your own campaign, visit the My School Connect website today. Join the numerous schools that have already benefited from this innovative fundraising tool and start making a difference for your students and community.

To get started, call us on 1300 030 915 or register online to book your obligation-free 15-minute demo of the My School Connect FundMe App.