CASE STUDY: Canteen Kat

Managing a school canteen is no easy feat. The challenge of freshly preparing food  met with the high-pitched chatter of hoards of school kids lining up. As a canteen manager, you’re ensuring that the menu is not only nutritious and appealing but also ready to serve to a rush of hungry students within a tight window. The challenge is amplified by the never-ending paperwork, the meticulous stock management, and the drive to maintain profitability while keeping prices student-friendly. It’s a juggling act! 

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Thankfully My School Connect is stepping up to streamline this process and make those canteen days a little less daunting. We take a look at how Kathryn Monk, the dynamo behind Canteen Kat, transformed the traditional school canteen into a modern, online experience. Delve into her journey with My School Connect and discover how this partnership brought about a remarkable change in the Illawarra area’s school canteens.

Meet Canteen Kat

It’s hard enough to decide what to have for dinner every night, let alone picking the menu for the entire school each canteen day. This is where Canteen Kat steps in, providing healthy canteen options to schools in the Illawarra and surrounding areas.

Her days were spent weighed down with the slow process of manually writing out food orders and answering an endless stream of emails. This stressful routine limited Kat’s opportunities to chat with the students about the menu items she was delivering, resulting in poor customer service.

There were many requests made by school staff, carers and parents to take it online, so that’s exactly what Kat did with the help of My School Connect.

The Right Support

Kat took to Google, friends, Canteen Associations and different canteen networks to find the right support for her needs. 

In her own words: “My School Connect were the first to contact me and they really took the time in answering all my questions. They understood exactly where I was coming from and my needs as a Canteen Manager. The MSC App was easy to navigate. I really liked all the pictures (I’m a very visual person). So just at a glance, all the information was there, the menu with pictures of all the items, all the ingredients were listed, it’s really helpful!”

Kat needed the support the most and has enjoyed knowing that if she or one of the other canteen staff, school staff, or parents encounter any issues they will be assisted nice and quickly.

Impact and Growth

ith My School Connect, Kathryn experienced an incredible transformation in managing her canteen. 

The MSC app’s user-friendly design made it easier for Kat to operate efficiently, while the visually appealing menus were well-received by students and parents alike. 

The comprehensive system allowed parents to appreciate the detailed online menus, offering the convenience of placing orders at any time, which was a significant improvement from the previous manual process.

In just one year, the use of MSC led to a staggering 143% increase in total orders for a primary school canteen. 

Here’s what Kat loves:

  • Been able to see all her orders in one place.
  • Everyone has access to ordering from the correct menu.
  • She can add to the menu at any time, which has increased sales.
  • The canteen module is nice and affordable.

Kathryn’s adventure with Canteen Kat and My School Connect is about shifting from old-school, paper-and-pen canteen to a smooth, online platform that everyone can access. It meant taking big leaps in handling orders, making customers happy, and an impressive jump in sales. With its easy-to-use setup, everything-in-one-place order system, and prices that don’t break the bank it shows how going digital can positively impact a school canteen’s game. 

To get started, call us on 1300 030 915 or register online to book your obligation-free 15-minute demo of the My School Connect POS.