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Welcome to My School FundMe, a simple and secure platform for raising funds for your school.



We believe that fundraising starts with ‘fun’ for a reason! Whether it’s pupils reaching personal objectives, working together towards a common goal - or groups pitting against each other to reach a major target, raising funds for your school should always be fun!
That’s why we aim to take the fuss out of it, with simple tools and features to get you up and running in no time. When you set up a campaign, we’ll arm you with tips and advice to achieve your target, promote it safely online and handle all donations through our secure platform.
And because we don’t charge any fees to fundraisers*, there is no goal too big or small. Fund a field trip, build a chemistry lab or learn the value of raising money for a charity. It couldn’t be easier with My School FundMe.


Reach your targets in 4 easy steps

1. CREATE CAMPAIGN Whether you’re a school setting up multiple campaigns or a student trying to achieve a goal, our simple form and easy-to-use features will help to create your campaign with ease.
2. SHARE YOUR CAMPAIGN The best way to reach your goal is to shout it from the virtual rooftops! Our tools allow you to promote your campaign in just a few clicks through social media or email.
3. TRACK YOUR DONATIONS Our inbuilt tools will help you monitor donations coming in from parents, friends & families. We’ll even give you free tips to help make sure you reach your target.
4. REACH YOUR TARGET Linking your school’s bank account couldn’t be simpler. So after the campaign ends, you can quickly put that money to the cause you’ve all worked so hard for.


Create My Campaign


Simple Setup Get your campaign up and running in just 5 minutes.
No Target Tantrums In the unlikely event that you don't hit your target, you still receive every dollar raised.
Limitless Fundraising There's no minimum or maximum requirements for donations.
Keep it Running No obligation to set a time limit on your campaigns.
Real-Time Notifications So you'll know the instant someone donates - just don't forget to thank them!
Why Choose My School Fundme


My School Connect offers a smart, simple and reliable solution for you, your school and your parents. Our team is the leading online solution provider of cashless payment systems and POS integration across schools in Australia.

Take your school online seamlessly with our unique modules - Tuckshop, Uniform, Event, Raffle, Volunteer, Books and FundMe.

My School Tuckshop

Our number one selling module - My School Tuckshop enables schools to take their school canteen online. Our centralised system makes ordering easier for schools, parents and students. From efficiently managing the tuckshop, to enabling lunch orders to be placed online by parents and students, there are no limits with My School Tuckshop!

My School Uniform

Ordering your child's uniform has never been easier! With the click of a button, parents can order their child's uniform from the comfort of their own home and have it delivered straight to their door. Schools will receive all the support they need to efficiently manage inventory management, reporting, and effective day-to-day operations of their uniform store.

My School Books

Jump the long queue at the book store at the beginning of the school year! Parents can order their child’s books from anywhere and have them delivered straight to their door or the classroom. Our easy to use online platform offers schools the flexibility to manage their own titles, stock and delivery options. Book shop management has never been easier!

My School Event

Event management made easy. With My School Event, you can create your event, promote it and monitor its performance - all online! Our system provides an all-encompassing platform, setting your next school event up for great success!

My School Volunteer

Arranging and managing volunteers doesn't have to be a logistical nightmare! With the help of My School Volunteer, you can finally enjoy school activities and ensure you have the right support in place, every time. With schools increasing demand for volunteer support, having an advanced system you can rely on is essential.

My School FundMe

We believe that fundraising starts with ‘fun’ for a reason! My School FundMe takes the fuss out of fundraising, with simple tools and features to get you up and running in no time. When you set up a campaign, we’ll arm you with tips and advice to achieve your target, promote it safely online and handle all donations through our secure platform. Or if you're looking to run a pie drive, set up an online market stall, or perhaps a hold chocolate fundraiser, get in touch today to find out how our platform can be tailored to suit.

My School Raffle

Check out our all-encompassing management platform for raffles, online. Gone are the days of having to hand out paper tickets and select a winning ticket out of a barrel! Our system allows you to set-up your raffle, promote it, monitor ticket sales, pull reports, and ensure an overall successful outcome. With My School Raffle, you're bound to see your raffle excel, every time!

* No Set Up Fees. We won't charge schools any fees to set up or manage your fundraiser. To cover the costs of the platform, a small transaction fee of 1.9% is automatically deducted per donation plus a 33 cent processing fee. Donors have the option of making additional contributions.