Are parents embracing online school transactions?

Are parents embracing online school transactions
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Daily life is busy enough for a parent: school drop-offs, preparing lunches and checking homework. Coupled with all of life’s other priorities, it can be difficult to find the time to attend school in-person to pay fees, order books or get children geared up with a new uniform.

Introducing online school transactions. A simple and convenient way for parents to pay fees, track upcoming payments, and save time. At My School Connect, we’ll look at how modern solutions are being employed by schools to go completely cashless, and how parents are embracing flexible options.

Provide flexible payment options

Parents can be deterred from making payments if limited options are available. If they’re required to drop into the school office during school hours and bring cash, you can be sure that the mere difficulty of this task (not to mention how unrealistic it is in this day and age) will dissuade many from making on-time payments. Offering cashless payment options via an online portal allows parents to make payments from home, via their computer or mobile phone. They’ll simply need a credit card or another form of digital payment. Additionally, you can choose to allow parents to make payments in installments, as opposed to a lump sum. Parents are responding positively to flexible payment options, and online transactions as a whole, as it means they can select their preferred payment type, pay in multiple installments, and save the time and hassle of paying fees in person.

Better payment security

With any online transaction, there’s a risk of personal details being stolen to conduct fraudulent activity. A secure, online platform can ensure that cardholder information is kept confidential, and that any sensitive details are sent to the school, and the school only. My School Connect is designed to meet the highest level of security standards, providing parents with the confidence to make secure transactions online.

Added convenience

Once you’ve integrated your school’s operations into an online platform, parents will appreciate the convenience and ease of accessing services. Here are some common transactions that can be simplified with online payments:

  • Uniform orders: Found a hole in a pair of gym shorts, and sports day is coming up? Parents can quickly reorder their child’s uniform online, and save the hassle of visiting the uniform shop. Adding a sizing chart to your online portal can make selecting the right gear even easier.
  • Excursion payments: Paper forms can be fidgety, and children aren’t always the best at bringing them home. There’s a lot of extra handling, from the teacher distributing the form, to the student getting it signed, to returning it back to school administration. Simplify this process by allowing excursion payments to be made online, so you can track transactions and make communication easier.
  • Canteen orders: A platform like My School Tuckshop makes it easier for parents to view the school’s canteen menu, and easily place orders online.

Connect your school online with My School Connect

Allow flexible, convenient and secure online transactions for your school with the My School Connect app. Contact us today to find out how easy it is for your school to go cashless.