My School Connect Point of Sale – V3.0 release

My School Connect is constantly working to improve the business, innovate the product, and better meet the evolving needs of schools. This year, we have become more focused than ever before on the ‘cashless society’, as businesses work towards becoming completely cashless. The My School Connect Point of Sale system supports just that. This article will explore the feature-rich, intuitive Point of Sale system that is helping schools transition to cashless by enabling orders to be processed online and/or paid for through digital means, reducing reliance on human resources, and fast-tracking standard payment processing in the school canteen or uniform store. 

Point of Sale Interface – V2.0 vs.V3.0

Settings Interface – V2.0 vs. V3.0

Improvements to User Experience:

  1. Keypad remains on screen to be used for “other items” or for recording the amount of money received on a cash sale.
  2. Categories remain on screen and you no longer need to toggle between keypad and categories.
  3. 15 products/page, instead of 9. This results in less clicks on “next page”.
  4. 6 cash buttons (1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50) to be used when finalising a cash sale.
  5. All payment methods remain on screen rather than having to select “finalise order”.
  6. For stores with multiple menus, all menus are available on the main POS screen.

Points 1 → 6 above – all actions provide one click access.

  1. Consistent icons, colours and fonts for a cleaner, modern, easy-to-navigate interface that supports consistency between devices.
  2. Extra setting where you can decide if cash orders are submitted instantly (with change shown) or change is displayed first, and then the user must confirm the order.
  3. Interface for adding / editing POS users.
  4. POS is now responsive to larger screen sizes, showing larger buttons and images on larger screens.
  5. All settings, order and user management have been re-organised into a central menu available in the top-right:
  6. Progress animation and feedback when synching:

Additional features implemented:

  1. Override a price by clicking on the price of a product from the product options window.
  2. The POS can now learn student barcode numbers. Select the student manually, scan a student barcode and it’ll add the student barcode to the online system.
  3. Receipt layout with customisable logo, ABN, and footer text.
  4. Added protocol to complete order effectively – exiting the POS with an incomplete order in progress is prevented.
  5. Improvements to handling of POS upgrades. Download and install a new version, all within the POS interface (assuming there are no orders in the POS not yet sent to the MSC server).
  6. User action tracking, which is used by the technical team for debugging and product maintenance. 
  7. Screen locks after 5 minutes of inactivity, requiring operator to enter their PIN to enter.
  8. All POS settings are now stored on the MSC server and are automatically synced when using the POS, changing settings, adding / updating users, etc. When you download the latest POS release, you no longer have to check POS settings.
  9. The POS now supports a credit card reader / scanner. Process by either:
  • The operator can scan the credit card when adding products to the order. It’ll automatically proceed to the credit card entry area with the credit card details pre-filled.
  • The operator can go to the credit card area manually and scan the credit card.

General improvements:

  1. Security
  2. Stability
  3. Speed
  4. Overall user experience

POS V3.0 was rolled out in the first quarter of 2020. Since then, My School Connect is continuing to monitor its performance and ensure that it continues to meet the needs of the schools in which it services. The My School Connect Point of Sale system is a market leading product that integrates fully with My School Tuckshop and My School Uniform, revolutionising school life for staff, parents, and students.