My School Connect is Here to Help Over the New Year break!

With the end of the school year in sight, we thought that we’d let you in on some of our top tips to best prepare for 2020! Parents not only find My School Connect essential during the school year, but also to ensure that they’re organised for the year ahead. Parents want to be able to enjoy every moment of the holiday period with their family and friends, not focus on the tedious task of back-to-school preparation… So, read ahead to find out how you can enter the new decade knowing that your child’s school year is sorted, and you can focus more on the truly important things, like family!

My School Uniform – Organising uniforms for the new year is often one of the most painful tasks during the Christmas break. Each year, our children grow bigger. Unfortunately, their uniforms don’t grow with them! This isn’t the only drama parents face when it comes to uniforms…  With My School Uniform, coordinating with the uniform shops limited hours of opening during the holiday season is a thing of the past. You can save yourselves the hassle of having to take time out of your day by simply ordering uniforms through My School Uniform, at any place and any time! To find out more about My School Uniform, click here.

My School Event – 2020 is set to be a big year for everyone, including schools! Hit the ground running by setting up your term one events with My School Event. We know all too well that term one often means getting to know new teachers and families in the school community. Being able to set up events to start off the school year, and to nurture your school community at the click of a button is an absolute lifesaver. No longer do you have to rely on the school newsletter to notify parents of upcoming events. Simply use My School Event to set up your event, and let your invitees know what you have planned. Parents and staff alike LOVE that My School Event makes event planning stress free and effortless. You can check out how it works by clicking here.  

My School Volunteer – We know that a lot of the time, schools rely heavily on volunteers to keep the wheels in motion My School Volunteer allows for seamless administration when it comes to rostering parents for shifts at the canteen, uniform shop, or even in the classroom. For parents, My School Volunteer is a system that they love. Why, you may ask? Because My School Volunteer allows parents to see what shifts are available, and to select a time that suits them most. We know how busy parents are, between raising children and managing work, there isn’t much free time left over. Parents can feel relieved that their precious spare time is spent valuably with My School Volunteer… see for yourself by clicking here!

We think that the above features are invaluable when it comes to preparing for the new year, and whilst we could spend HOURS talking about the best ways for you to get the most out of My School Connect over the Christmas break, we want you to be able to explore for yourselves! So if you haven’t already, download our app, log in and discover all the ways that My School Connect can help you to extend your holidays, by taking away so many of those time consuming back-to-school tasks! If you’d like to know more about My School Connect, be sure to get in touch with our friendly team via the contact page.