My School Tuckshop - Canteen Online Ordering System

My School Connect offers a tailored point of sale solution that makes managing your school canteen simple and seamless. By streamlining your operations to keep costs down and sales up, our state-of-the-art POS system can help your school canteen run smoothly.

Make the Switch to a Cashless Canteen

My School Tuckshop is trusted by thousands of schools across Australia. Processing millions of orders a year, we acknowledge how important it is for your school’s services to run smoothly. By providing the technology to make it happen, we support all aspects of school life, from volunteering to events.

  • Reduce volunteer requirements and the time spent doing admin in the canteen
  • Communicate with parents and students efficiently
  • Integrate the POS seamlessly with your MST
  • Enhance your menu with healthy and nutritious meal options
  • Receive around the clock customer support

Order lunch online - or with the app!

Lunch time just got easier. My School Tuckshop revolutionises the school canteen experience, turning your operation completely cashless. You can update your menu daily to include specials and new items or block out specific days the canteen may not be open. In three easy steps, families can set an account with a daily spend limit, select they’re food items and place an order - it’s that simple.

Save time and money

Say goodbye to sorting lunch bags, collecting change and organising the cash drawer - with My School Tuckshop, parents are able to pre-order meals daily so your canteen is always prepared for the day ahead. By reducing waste and saving staff time, you can increase the efficiency of your school’s canteen.

Receive 24/7 support

We understand issues arise when implementing new technology, but that’s why our support team is on call 24/7 to assist you, unlike other competitors. Whether you’re experiencing difficulties uploading a new menu item or a parent can’t seem to update their banking details, My School Connect is just a phone call away.