My School Connect: A Cashless System for Melbourne Schools

Online orders for school uniforms, tuckshop and more!

My School Connect started as an online ordering system for school canteens. Over time, we've evolved into a multifaceted online management tool for schools.

We are proud to offer 5 unique modules that have successfully been integrated into many schools across Melbourne. With our Tuckshop, Uniform, Volunteer, Event and Raffle platforms, we make online orders easy for parents, teachers and administrators.

My School Connect has zero setup fees, zero ongoing membership fees, no locked-in contracts and free support for schools and parents. We now make it possible to manage school life without the risk and without the costs!

$0 start up costs and ongoing membership fees
Free Support for schools and parents
No lock-in contracts
Easy set up & Reporting

Why choose My School Connect?

My School Connect FREE brings you all the features and functionality, without any risks. NO setup costs, NO fees, NO contracts and NO worries!

My School Tuckshop

Our number one selling module - My School Tuckshop enables schools to take their tuckshop online. Our centralised system makes life easy for schools, parents and students. From efficiently managing the school canteen to enabling lunch orders to be placed online, there are no limits with My School Tuckshop!

My School Uniform

Ordering your child's uniform for school has never been easier! With our app, parents can order their child's uniform from anywhere in Melbourne and have it delivered to their door with minimal fuss and effort. Furthermore, schools will receive ongoing support to efficiently manage inventory, suppliers’ correspondence, and day-to-day operations of their uniform store.

My School Event

Create an event, promote it, and monitor its performance online, wherever you are in Melbourne with My School Event. Our system makes admin easy, helping you set up your next school event for great success.

My School Volunteer

With My School Volunteer, you can arrange and manage your parents and student volunteers effortlessly from the one app.

My School Raffle

We’ve removed the need for paper tickets or selecting a winning ticket out of a barrel with our online system. Set up your raffle, promote your event and monitor ticket sales with a click of a button. With My School Raffle, you’re bound to see a successful outcome every time.

Access My School Connect anytime, anywhere!

Simply download the School Connect App for your iPhone or Android to ensure you have access to our easy-to-use school ordering system in one location, across all your devices. Contact us today for more information about our app for Melbourne schools.

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Access My School Connect Anytime, anywhere!

Simply download the app for your iPhone or Android to ensure you have access to our services in one location, across all your devices.