My School Connect: A Cashless System for Brisbane Schools

Brisbane, it’s time to go digital with a cashless system for your school

Say goodbye to cash and cheques and hello to a more streamlined POS system.My School Connect is an easy-to-use digital platform that is designed to help you run your school’s services as efficiently as possible. Our tool eliminates the need for cash or cheque payments so both parents and canteen or uniform store operators can enjoy the benefits of an online service.

Features six modules that enable you to manage aspects of school life easier, such as school tuckshop, school uniform, school books, volunteering, events and raffles. Sign up today and see how we’re revolutionising schools in Brisbane with our software.

$0 start up costs and ongoing membership fees
Free Support for schools and parents
No lock-in contracts
Easy set up & Reporting

Why work with My School Connect?

Stress-free cashless transactions

Easily monitor transactions through our secure online system, enjoy the convenience of not having to deal with loose notes and coins, and manage school inventory when you go cashless with My School Connect.

Zero internet connection required

Once you’ve registered and downloaded the My School Connect POS to your Windows or iOS device, you’ll be able to edit prices, customise item menus and submit IT queries instantly and without any internet connection. My School Connect really is designed for parents on the go.

No ongoing membership fees

Brisbane schools can take advantage of our free setup, $0 membership fees and no lock-in contracts.

Free support

We offer free, on-going support for parents and schools, so you can use our software with confidence.

Get started with My School Connect in Brisbane today

Join the My School Connect community today and you’ll soon see why schools across Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Hobart all trust us to provide the technology to make running their school stress-free.

Download the My School Connect app on your iPhone or Android now and access your school canteen software - and our other 5 modules - anytime, anywhere. To get started, simply contact us today.

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Simply download the app for your iPhone or Android to ensure you have access to our services in one location, across all your devices.