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Terms & Conditions:  

Lea B we can enter anything you like here

I/We confirm that we have read and accept the Terms & Conditions set out below.  I/We

  1. agree to fulfil the financial obligations set by the College and outlined in Planning your Journey available under How to Enrol on  the College website and acknowledge that the financial obligations are joint and several in nature;
  2. understand that we are required to provide one term’s notice in writing to the Headmaster should we decide to withdraw a child prior to the conclusion of Year 12. If the notice period is not given, one term’s fees in lieu of notice will be payable;
  3. acknowledge that in the event one or both of the enrolling parents notify the College that they no longer wish to be bound by the College Rules and Financial obligations, the College reserves its right to deem that notification as being the provision of a Notice of Withdrawal of a student;
  4. acknowledge that all medical and educational concerns currently known have been provided to the College, together with copies of any reports and assessments relating to these concerns;