3 Ways My School Connect is Improving Schools Across Australia

By - Thu, 30/05/2019

In Australia, our schools are spread out across regional towns, through deserts and intertwined in the big cities. The school systems and hardware behind the scenes can be similar and more often than not disparate, taking up more time for its fellow staffers than need be. Of course to actually make a change and trust a new technology, platform or software is a big step and sadly, often the mindset of ‘don’t fix it if it aint broke’ comes into play and schools can find themselves stuck with a dinosaur of a problem that is now just in the ‘too hard’ basket.


But, how have other schools improved from taking the giant leap of trust? We can only speak from experience but here are just some of the ways our schools have seen tangible results - fast.


Saving time

The days of manually entering orders, transactions and end of day reports are over. With point of sale and online ordering systems syncing through one system, you’ll be able to easily collate your sales and inventory, giving you access to a huge stream of information. Schools are using this data in their canteens to see which menu items are performing best and using that data to make changes to the menu that keeps kids happy and to improves canteen profitability! 

Saving Money


We understand how much the school systems need every last cent to go back into the school - back to the kids. That’s why we’ve designed our pricing to include free access to our events, volunteer and fundraising modules. With the ‘chip in’ functionality, schools are also able to prompt parents to contribute to covering the cost of access to our software!


Happy Parents

Usually, it’s a nightmare having to tell parents that there’s a new technology they need to learn. Complaints and screening help centre calls for the parents is the last thing any admin body needs. But we’ve worked hard to build the most intuitive system on the market, with some schools reporting just 3 out of 800 parents calling in for a minor issue they had, smooth transition and no interruptions.

Over the last five years the My School Connect team have worked hard to become industry leaders in this space with unbeatable, hands on support and premium functionality.

Our team are here to show you exactly how the My School Connect suite of Modules can reduce admin and payment processing time, leaving schools to focus on learning outcomes and the development of your school community.

Do you want to learn more? Get in touch with our team. We’d love to chat!