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Information For Parents My School Tuckshop is designed to be simple and easy to use for parents. Whether you have one or multiple children at the school, lunch is just a few clicks away! BENEFITS FOR PARENTS
Easier No more mornings spent searching for loose change or brown paper bags, simply jump online and lunch is sorted!
Peace of Mind My School Tuckshop has the ability to place orders in advance, or repeat prior orders. All allergy and health information is also captured to ensure peace of mind.
Safe and Secure A safe and secure online ordering system that eliminates the concern of your child carrying cash to school.
No More Brown Bags! With My School Tuckshop you don't need to worry about the cost of buying brown paper bags anymore. With out system we supply everything. Just jump online and get started!
THE PROCESS Getting started with My School Tuckshop is easy!
Register Your Account Registering is quick and simple. Click on the register button and find your school’s tuckshop.
Add Your Child Add your child into the My School Tuckshop system with their classroom number.
Order Lunch! Simply place your child’s lunch order for the day or week from the provided menu options and lunch is sorted!