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My School Fundraiser

The simple and secure platform for fundraising for your school.

No target too great or too small.


We believe that fundraising starts with ‘fun’ for a reason. Whether it’s pupils reaching personal objective, working together towards a common goal - or groups pitting against each other to reach a major target, school fundraising should always be fun!

That’s why we aim to take the fuss out of it, with simple tools and features to get you up and running in no time. When you set up a campaign, we’ll arm you with tips and advice to achieve your target, promote it safely online and handle all donations through our secure platform.

And because we don’t charge any fees to fundraiers, there is no goal too big or small. Fund a field trip, build a chemistry lab or learn the value of raising money for a charity. It couldn’t be easier with My School Fundraiser.

Reach your targets in four easy steps

1. Create Campaign

Our simple form and easy-to-use features help you set your campaign. We have a host of features that easily let you control who has access, so you can set up on behalf of a school with multiple campaigns, or as an individual student if you prefer.

2. Share your Campaign

The best way to reach your goal is to shout it from the virtual rooftops! Our tools allow you to promote your campaign in just a few clicks through social media or email.

3. Track Your Donations

Our inbuilt tools will help you monitor donations coming in from parents, friends & families. We’ll even give you free tips to help make sure you reach your target.

4. Make your dream a reality

Linking your school’s bank account or Paypal couldn’t be simpler. So after the campaign ends, you can quickly put that money to the cause you’ve all worked so hard for.

Ready to raise money for your next school project?

The smartest choice for fundraising

Simple Setup

Get your campaign up and running in just 5 minutes.

No target tantrums

In the unlikely event that you don't hit your target, you still recive every dollar raised.

Limitless fundraising

There's no minimun - or maximum - for donations.

Keep it running

No obligation to set a time limit on your campaigns.

Real-time notifications

So you'll know the instant someone donates - just don't forget to thank them!